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BHIM App is Now Working Fine, Have You Updated Your App?

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Hello Guys, in today’s post I am going to talk about some bugs of BHIM app, as you all know that BHIM app is an UPI Based payment app, by using which you can transfer money to anyone in India without knowing their account details or we can say it transfer the money from one to another using a Virtual Private address, or VPA.

After the launch of the BHIM app, we all downloaded the app and tried but get failed lot of time, we were unable to create an account, unable to add bank account on BHIM app, Not able to generate the OTP to authenticate the BHIM app to process further, and many more bugs was there is the BHIM app,

Also some more common bugs was not able to transfer money to anyone within the app, the first build of the BHIM app was full of bugs and which we hated a lot. And said many times that this one cannot work, this is an Indian app so the service will be poor all the time,

But as the Update for this app comes and fixes almost each and every bug on bhim app as per now, if your BHIM app is not Updated then please update your app by visiting Google Play Store, or you can directly Download the Updated BHIM app Right From This Link. kindly update the BHIM app to use get ride of these Bugs on the App.

As I am using the BHIM app since the starting of the first Build, now I can BHIM app is now working Fine and smooth, now I am able to transfer money using BHIM app, Able to Change the Bank Account, able to check Account balance in only one attempt, and I would say that the BHIM app is now seems more promising and prominent than it was launched,

I would rate BHIM app 9 out of 10 as of now, which was 2 out of 10 Earlier. Go Cashless, use digital money and take a steps toward a digital India.

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